October 20, 2009


Now you will be getting all my postings in one day... Couldn't resist!
I went to a party at Isotope Comics and I met a very talented artist named Rafael Navarro. I had the best time just getting introduced to an incredible selection of graphic novels and fun-all-around artists. At one point Mr Navarro asked me to take a picture, I looked up from where I was sitting and this is the picture I took. The man in the purple suit is no other than James Sime, the owner of Isotope.

I am sick today, but saw the light

Today I stayed home, posted the flower series below and here and took this picture of the Sun coming in my window. Today, was that kind of perfect fall day when the air is crisp and the sky bright blue.

Flowers Weekly

Again, I have not posted in a while. Since all I have is one follower, I guess, I don't feel too bad... But seriously, I should get this blogging thing together and try harder.
If you care to know, I carry my camera with me everywhere, do I care to take it out of my bag and actually use it? Yes, I do care, but I don't do that every day.
I am consistent in my inconsistency. I don't have the same routine every day. I do, but I don't. I am inconsistent at best. What I am consistent about is the way my photographs look. The way I see color, frame the image, etc. I don't take delicate pictures that look antique and romantic, even when I try, there is a sense of bold colors I can't get rid of...
Click on the title to see the series in Flickr. Here are a few. I try to go to the farmer's market every Wednesday on my way to work, there I try to buy flowers for my office. Although, I don't get to do this every week, I try at least...Didn't I say, inconsistent? If you know what kind of flowers these are, you are welcome to email me or comment here. I usually buy those I can afford and those I am attracted to when I am there. Reds and yellows seem to be popular in my book.