October 20, 2009

Flowers Weekly

Again, I have not posted in a while. Since all I have is one follower, I guess, I don't feel too bad... But seriously, I should get this blogging thing together and try harder.
If you care to know, I carry my camera with me everywhere, do I care to take it out of my bag and actually use it? Yes, I do care, but I don't do that every day.
I am consistent in my inconsistency. I don't have the same routine every day. I do, but I don't. I am inconsistent at best. What I am consistent about is the way my photographs look. The way I see color, frame the image, etc. I don't take delicate pictures that look antique and romantic, even when I try, there is a sense of bold colors I can't get rid of...
Click on the title to see the series in Flickr. Here are a few. I try to go to the farmer's market every Wednesday on my way to work, there I try to buy flowers for my office. Although, I don't get to do this every week, I try at least...Didn't I say, inconsistent? If you know what kind of flowers these are, you are welcome to email me or comment here. I usually buy those I can afford and those I am attracted to when I am there. Reds and yellows seem to be popular in my book.

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