December 28, 2009

Happy New Year!

I sent 2 limited edition Holiday Cards this year.
If you didn't get one it is because I don't have your snail mail address. So if you want to be included next year, email me and let me know where to send it.
I wish for an incredible year 2010 where we can be successful, happy and rich!

Before the end of the year. Part 2

I self-published a book using and I am part of a photography show at Blush Wine Bar in the Castro.
Here are the two photographs I have in the show.
They are for sale, so if you would like to look at them, they will be up at Blush until mid January 2010.

Also, Here is the info for the show and the list of the other artists.

The book is called Flowers Weekly and it is based on the exercise of buying cut flowers every Wednesday at the Civic Center Farmer's Market in San Francisco. I know how some people feel about cut flowers, but I, like my Grandmother, am of the believe that we should enjoy flowers (receive them and give them) while we are alive. Living in San Francisco, with cats that love eating them, the best way for me to enjoy them is when I buy them on my way to work and enjoy them in my office.

Before the end of the year.

I figured that I should post something before the year ends on Thursday. So much happened this year and so little I posted. In actuality, you can go to Flickr and see all I have done/photographed...
San Francisco got so cold at the end of November that it snowed for about 2 minutes.
I was in my office when I looked out the window. This is the only snap that I was able to take before it was over.

I know it is not the best, but at least it shows something... I don't miss the snow, but is its always fun to see the very first flurries falling...

November 14, 2009

Harvest is done and Fall rolls in...

As my sister came to visit for just a couple of days and left so soon, I was left with the reminder that family is so important and so different from where I am at this moment in my life. It was great seeing her, but I wish we had more time together. These grapes are from a vineyard we helped harvest while visiting with friends.

October 20, 2009


Now you will be getting all my postings in one day... Couldn't resist!
I went to a party at Isotope Comics and I met a very talented artist named Rafael Navarro. I had the best time just getting introduced to an incredible selection of graphic novels and fun-all-around artists. At one point Mr Navarro asked me to take a picture, I looked up from where I was sitting and this is the picture I took. The man in the purple suit is no other than James Sime, the owner of Isotope.

I am sick today, but saw the light

Today I stayed home, posted the flower series below and here and took this picture of the Sun coming in my window. Today, was that kind of perfect fall day when the air is crisp and the sky bright blue.

Flowers Weekly

Again, I have not posted in a while. Since all I have is one follower, I guess, I don't feel too bad... But seriously, I should get this blogging thing together and try harder.
If you care to know, I carry my camera with me everywhere, do I care to take it out of my bag and actually use it? Yes, I do care, but I don't do that every day.
I am consistent in my inconsistency. I don't have the same routine every day. I do, but I don't. I am inconsistent at best. What I am consistent about is the way my photographs look. The way I see color, frame the image, etc. I don't take delicate pictures that look antique and romantic, even when I try, there is a sense of bold colors I can't get rid of...
Click on the title to see the series in Flickr. Here are a few. I try to go to the farmer's market every Wednesday on my way to work, there I try to buy flowers for my office. Although, I don't get to do this every week, I try at least...Didn't I say, inconsistent? If you know what kind of flowers these are, you are welcome to email me or comment here. I usually buy those I can afford and those I am attracted to when I am there. Reds and yellows seem to be popular in my book.

July 01, 2009


Fresh zucchini blossoms I found at the farmers' market today. Gorgeous to look at and delicious to eat. I discovered them last week and bought some to put on homemade pizza that turned out delish!! Tonight I made pasta with them. And also had homemade bread. Yes I made that myself too. How spoiled could I be? Well, don't be too jealous, no company tonight.

pasta with zucchini, blossoms, goat cheese and fresh homemade bread

fresh homemade bread

April 06, 2009


So, at work they give us our birthday day off. Since mine was on a Saturday, I took Monday off. I went on a tiny Japantown tour and this is what I found.
Sunny mellow day...

great architecture...

some cute shopping...

awesome food...

even some construction watching...

and the company was not bad either. :-)

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Yep. My b-day was Sat April 4th and I celebrated in in style!
I went to the dollar store with my best friend and took this picture!
Multilingual, man!

March 15, 2009

The end to a nice weekend

My house sitting gig is over and though I had a fantastic and relaxing time, it is now time to go home and prepare for the week ahead. I worked on some pieces while there and as I was packing you to leave, I noticed all the materials on the table and how the light was sneaking through.

After relaxing for a few minutes, I was gone and back to reality.

March 13, 2009

Me and my shadow...

How many people post with this title? I bet hundreds of thousands. Tonight I am house sitting for my friend. Her place is glorious. Even when the front room is a bit loud, her bedroom is so quite, serene and luminous. I immediately took my camera and played around with the shadows, which in a moment's notice were gone.
Here is to my shadow, my best companion, the one always there with me.

March 09, 2009

March 2009- This is supposed to be my year...

I have not posted in a long time. Yes, it has been over 5 months since I last posted a photograph. Shame. Well, it doesn't mean I haven't taken pictures. It just means I haven't developed the files to post them.
In fact, I took over 200 pictures during my Xmas vacation in Puerto Rico. You can see the pictures here and here

Then the New Year started and in a new home with a new life I am still getting used, I keep taking pictures and I carry my camera with me every day. Here are a few from my walks to work every day.

The view from my new apartment on a rainy day.

On Market St on my way to work. Remember to always be creative everyday...

The nut house with a nut case and my favorite spot in Union Sq. Sad are the days that see this gem closed.
I will forever be honor to have met Lady Nut and guilty that I did not go nuts more often.

On February 14, 2009, this is what I saw. Is he watching over me?