December 28, 2009

Before the end of the year. Part 2

I self-published a book using and I am part of a photography show at Blush Wine Bar in the Castro.
Here are the two photographs I have in the show.
They are for sale, so if you would like to look at them, they will be up at Blush until mid January 2010.

Also, Here is the info for the show and the list of the other artists.

The book is called Flowers Weekly and it is based on the exercise of buying cut flowers every Wednesday at the Civic Center Farmer's Market in San Francisco. I know how some people feel about cut flowers, but I, like my Grandmother, am of the believe that we should enjoy flowers (receive them and give them) while we are alive. Living in San Francisco, with cats that love eating them, the best way for me to enjoy them is when I buy them on my way to work and enjoy them in my office.

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